Collaboration and innovation are key to driving sustainability at Strandline. Across all aspects of our business, we are thinking innovatively about how we prosper in the changing world.

The technologies we deploy are complemented by the actions we take to ensure the safety of our people, protection of the environment, enhancing efficiencies and commercial performance, delivering value to our communities and returns to our shareholders. We see innovation, collaboration and culture, as the critical ingredients for driving excellence and sustainability, as well as being at the forefront of industry trends.

Our Approach

  • Relentless focus on health, safety & wellbeing and staying true to our core values.
  • Embed a high-performance, psychologically safe culture which in turn improves performance, innovation, risk management, safety and engagement.
  • Promote diversity, inclusion & equity by building diverse capacity and capability within the business and in the community
  • Employer of choice attracting highly talented people and minimizing turnover
  • Adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination

  • Continue to mature our governance frameworks & ensuring integrity across business functions
  • Enable value creating opportunities for our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure we do what’s ethically & socially right for all our stakeholders
  • Deliver capital effeciency and low cost per tonne operations, through innovtion, systems & continuous improvement
  • Become a reliable critical minerals producer to support future facing industries
  • Set ambitious sustainability targets for the future
  • Manage our risks – both threats and opportunities

  • Provide enduring benefits that enhance the communities in which we operate,
  • Proactively & transparently engage with stakeholders on a win-win basis
  • Prioritise indigenous engagement & local content, including support emerging indigenous businesses to build resilience
  • Respect all people’s beliefs, customs, culture, sensitivities and human rights
  • Build local capacity and capability through training and providing pathways to enter the leadership pipeline

  • Strive for industry best practice & compliance
  • Energy efficient mine and process plant design, driving material emission reductions
  • Minimise our physical footprint
  • Reduce waste and water use, maximizing recycling
  • Rehabilitate and offset, fostering rich biodiversity
  • Source environmentally sustainable materials
  • Climate change risk management

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Sustainability Performance Targets for FY2023+